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Voucher Focus Moves To States

January 7, 1999

As a result of the November 9 Supreme Court decision not to hear a constitutional challenge to Wisconsin's school voucher program, the future of vouchers appears to be in the hands of state legislatures and governors.

Here are some states and leaders to watch:

  • A surge of voucher activity is expected in Wisconsin -- a voucher pioneer.
  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge (R) has made vouchers a top legislative priority.
  • Florida's recently elected Gov. Jeb Bush (R) strongly favors vouchers and some action is expected this legislative session.
  • In his 1998 campaign, Texas Gov. George W. Bush (R) promised to press for a voucher plan if re-elected.

Congress last year approved a $7 million plan that would have sent 2,000 District of Columbia children to private schools with a $3,200 voucher. President Clinton vetoed the legislation, but another attempt is expected this year.

Source: Tamara Henry, "The Voucher Divide,"USA Today, January 5, 1999.


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