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A Legislative Agenda For Speaker Hastert

January 7, 1999

Former Delaware Gov. Pete du Pont, who is also policy chairman for the National Center for Policy Analysis, is suggesting that the new House Speaker, Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), concentrate on five important initiatives in 1999.

They are:

  • Social Security -- Allowing workers to use at least some of their payroll taxes to invest in "personal security accounts" which they would control and which would in all likelihood leave them in much better financial condition at retirement than the present system.
  • Education -- Promoting competition in the nation's school systems through the use of school vouchers, which would mean removing federal regulations and restrictions and returning power to parents and local districts.
  • Taxes -- Adopt legislation which would make them fairer and simpler.
  • Health Insurance -- Promote reforms that encourage personal and portable health insurance, which remains in effect when a person changes jobs.
  • Pensions -- Do the same with pensions to make them personal and portable.

Obtaining positive results in these key areas would gratify the electorate and enable citizens to meet their individual needs.

Source: Pete du Pont (National Center for Policy Analysis), "New Agenda for a New Speaker," Washington Times, January 7, 1999.


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