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Thatcherism Comes To Russia

February 22, 1999

Some Russians are forming a political party around the ideas of Britain's former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. They call themselves: "Conservative Party: Thatcherites of Russia."

There is enviable creativity in some of their pronouncements. Here are some examples:

  • "A great power has disintegrated; the economy has collapsed. It is winter: electricity, heating and roads are shut down; hyperinflation; gold reserves are exhausted; the IMF is checking everything; Communists are straining to take power."
  • Now comes the kicker: "Then Thatcher came to power in Great Britain."
  • "It is universally recognized and open to no doubt that Mrs. Thatcher was quickly able to drag Great Britain out of a crisis no less serious than that in Russia today," the party's manifesto reads.
  • The party will be launched this week in St. Petersburg with Sir Alfred Sherman -- the Conservative thinker described in party literature as the "Engels of Thatcherism" -- as the guest of honor.

"Thatcherism entails boldness. For grave ills, you need grave remedies," Sherman says. "You can't go on as you are."

The party has a Web site and a telephone hot line. Old Communist factory bosses are described as "red directors and bribe-takers incapable not just of being in charge of manufacturing, but of wiping their own backsides."

Source: Marcus Warren (London Daily Telegraph), "Russian Thatcherites Unite to Form Political Party," Washington Times, February 20, 1999.


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