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From Welfare To Government Work

March 1, 1999

Two years ago, President Clinton ordered government agencies to hire welfare recipients -- setting a goal of 10,000 hires by September 2000. The goal has already been met and exceeded.

  • A total of 10,187 former welfare recipients have been hired by federal agencies.
  • The Commerce Department has hired 3,194, including some who will help on the census next year, while the Defense Department has taken on 2,094.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs has added 1,323 to its payrolls.
  • But the State Department has hired only 56 former recipients -- representing 25 percent of its quota of 220 through 2000.

At the time Clinton announced the goal, the federal government was not hiring many people and the number of federal civilian employees was at the lowest level in three decades.

Source: Robert Pear: "10,000 Welfare Recipients Hired by Federal Agencies," New York Times, March 1, 1999.


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