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Some Lose Welfare By Breaking Rules

March 29, 1999

Welfare roles are falling because many beneficiaries have found jobs; however, a 50-state Associated Press survey found that in some states tens of thousands of recipients are losing welfare benefits because they have broken program rules. In other states such sanctions as withdrawing benefits are rarely used.

  • Since 1994, the number of welfare recipients has dropped 44 percent.
  • In California and Illinois, nearly half those leaving welfare are being punished.
  • In Kentucky, 58 percent of those who leave welfare are pushed off the roles because they broke the rules.
  • In Texas, 57 percent of those who left welfare last year were removed because they did not keep appointments or "provide complete information."
  • And in Arizona, 60 percent were taken off welfare because they did not appear for a welfare interview.

However, the survey found time limits for an end to government aid have passed without much effect in the 13 states where the clock has run out.

Source: Laura Meckler (Associated Press), "Thousands Lose Welfare Aid," USA Today, March 29, 1999.


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