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White Females Pulling Out Of Military

March 15, 1999

Defense Department statistics show that more than four out of 10 white females enlistees leave the military at the end of their first enlistment, either because of physical problems, pregnancy, failure to adapt or for other reasons.

  • While just one-third of black women, and black and white men drop out during their first enlistment, the figure for white women is 43 percent.
  • Among Hispanics, the figures are 31 percent for women and 26 percent for men.
  • Women comprise fourteen percent of the armed forces, and 18 percent of enlistees, with white women accounting for 55 percent of all women.
  • The cost of recruiting and training each enlistee is more than $35,000.

Experts suggest that white women unhappy with military life may feel they have more economic alternatives outside.

Source: Andrea Stone, "White Female Enlistees Leaving Military at an Alarming Rate," USA Today, March 15, 1999.


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