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A Distant Deadline For National Park Pollution Control

April 21, 1999

The Environmental Protection Agency is imposing on states a new deadline for cleaning up air pollution in national parks. The deadline is 2064.

  • In soon-to-be-announced regulations, states will be asked to assess their haze problems and submit plans for clean- up strategies between 2003 and 2008.
  • Then they will have six decades to attack the problem and return the air to pre-industrial purity.
  • Earlier, the EPA considered a 200-year deadline, but shortened it in response to pressure from environmental groups.
  • Power industry executives contend that the regulations are too rigid and, in some cases, redundant -- and will result in costs of billions of dollars, which would be passed along in electricity bills to consumers.

Experts say that the problem of air pollution in national parks is one of visibility and esthetics, rather than public health.

Source: Michael Janofsky, "E.P.A. to Give States Edict on Clean Air for U.S. Parks," New York Times, April 18, 1999.


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