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White House Staff Shuns Taxes

May 7, 1999

According to research by the Internal Revenue Service last fall, the Executive Office of the President has the largest percentage of tax laggards in the federal government.

  • Nearly 13.5 percent of White House employees did not manage to get their money in on time.
  • That included 7.24 percent who had "open accounts" -- which means they either had filed returns but not paid or they had not filed at all.
  • Among federal workers and retirees overall, the delinquency rate was 5.21 percent.
  • Federal workers and retirees last year owed more than $2 billion in back taxes.

In the study conducted last October, the State Department was the cabinet agency with the highest rate of open accounts -- 6.04 percent. Among independent agencies, the Agency for International Development had 8.61 percent of its workers and retirees with open accounts.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), who has complained repeatedly over the years about slow- and non-paying government workers, wrote President Clinton last month, urging him "to impress upon your employees at the White House the importance of paying their taxes."

Source: Albert B. Crenshaw, "Presidential Staff Slow to Pay Taxes," Washington Post, May 6, 1999.


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