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Florida Takes Action To Raise Education Standards

June 21, 1999

Florida's Republican Gov. Jeb Bush is enthusiastic over the "Bush-Brogan A+ Plan for Education," which he is expected to sign into law today.

Here is a brief outline of some of the plan's provisions:

  • To assess learning progress, students in grades three through 10 will be tested annually and the results sent to parents.
  • Remediation efforts will replace "social promotions" and the state will rank every public school on an A to F scale, based primarily on how students are learning.
  • Schools that move up a grade and schools that receive an A will get a bonus of $100 per student.
  • Schools that receive a D or F grade will receive state and local assistance aimed at turning them around quickly.

If a school receives an F for two years, children in that school would receive a scholarship allowing them to attend another school of their choice -- public, private or parochial.

The threat of these scholarship vouchers has reportedly motivated public school personnel to pay greater attention to lagging schools and take steps to improve them.

Source: Gov. Jeb Bush, "Florida Gives Kids an Alternative to Failing Schools," Wall Street Journal, June 21, 1999.


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