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The "Hate Crimes" Quandary

June 1, 1999

Criminologists report that most people think a "hate crime" is one committed by a white against a black. But the vast majority of violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks against whites, according to data in a report from the New Century Foundation.

  • Some 1.7 million violent crimes involving both blacks and whites are committed annually.
  • But in 1997, only 4,105 of those were deemed "hate crimes" under the Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990.
  • Black-on-white crimes were almost nine times as frequent as white-on-black crimes.
  • The Justice Department has reported that in 1994 blacks committed 1,140,670 violent crimes against whites -- compared to 135,360 violent crimes committed by whites against blacks.

"It's no news to anybody who has pursued the differences of race and crime," comments National Center for Policy Analysis criminal statistics expert Morgan Reynolds, "but it's politically incorrect" -- adding that most white scholars ignore the implications.

The study took note of the fact that blacks constitute a much smaller proportion of the U.S. population than whites. When that is factored in, the average black was "56 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white than was a white to commit criminal violence against a black."

Source: Robert Stacy McCain, "'Hate Crimes' Not Big Problem in Race Relations, Study Finds," Washington Times, June 1, 1999


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