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Beware Complacency On Y2K Compliance

October 14, 1999

January 1, 2000, is only two-and-one-half months away and no one knows for sure whether their lights will stay on when that date rolls around. A long list of electricity suppliers are not yet willing to announce that they are Y2K compliant.

Moreover, a long list of companies in the chemical industry, water suppliers and nuclear power plants that operate on computers have yet to affirm that they are 100 percent ready for the new millennium, according to Y2K expert Dick Lefkon.

  • The U.S. electric power industry is comprised of approximately 3,200 different electric utilities and some big names -- including Baltimore G&E, Detroit Edison, Florida Power, Indianapolis P&L, Minnesota Power and Wisconsin P&L -- have yet to claim they are fully ready for the 21st Century.
  • The chemical industry is composed of approximately 69,000 operations -- but the government has Y2K data on fewer than 500 of them.
  • With regard to water supplies, we only have data on fewer than 600 of the 190,000 operations.
  • A Nuclear Energy Institute survey indicates that 22 of the nation's 103 nuclear reactors are not expected to be 100 percent ready until the fourth quarter.

The hope is that disruptions will be minor and speedily remedied. But such figures do not instill a sense of well-being and confidence.

Source: Pete du Pont (National Center for Policy Analysis), "On the Dark Side of Y2K," Washington Times, October 14, 1999.


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