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Elections Show Voters Want Tax Relief

November 5, 1999

Voters in Tuesday's election used initiatives to send a plea to lawmakers for tax relief, political analysts report.

  • An initiative in Washington state which garnered 58 percent of voter support will cut the motor vehicle tax to $30 per car -- and politicians were warned not to raise state and local taxes and fees without voter approval.
  • Maine voters approved a property tax credit, while those in New Jersey passed an income tax reduction for veterans.
  • A Texas referendum will cut ad valorem taxes on charities and on noncommercial auto leases.

Voters were in a similar mood over city and county taxes.

  • A $24 million increase in school taxes was killed in Cincinnati.
  • Kansas City, Mo., voters turned down a plan that would have extended a 2.5 cents sales tax for 15 years -- although they agreed to an eight-year extension.
  • In Lane County, Ore., voters overwhelmingly scrapped a plan to tack a surcharge on local income taxes in order to pay for public safety programs.

Voters in Houston and St. Paul, Minn., refused to use public money to build new sports arenas -- although similar measures were approved in San Antonio and Scottsdale, Ariz.

Source: Editorial, "Taxpayers' Pleas," Investor's Business Daily, November 5, 1999.


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