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NAACP Wants New College Tests

November 24, 1999

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People isn't satisfied that the current College Board tests are fair to some minorities. So their national council has voted to attack the use of admission scores for minorities.

  • Scores for females, blacks, Latinos and American Indians -- as opposed to those for whites and Asian-Americans -- are drastically lower, according to Jay Rosner, executive director of the Princeton Review Foundation.
  • So Jeffrey Johnson, NAACP youth councils coordinator, wants state-financed test preparations and is lobbying the College Boards for changes in the tests.
  • The goal is to benefit minorities.

Rosner attributes lower test scores by minorities to stereotypes of them which result in a "self-fulfilling prophesy," and minority fears of the tests which result in their avoiding taking them, waiting until the last possible moment to prepare, and not preparing adequately.

Thus, the NAACP wants the importance of the College Board scores reduced.

Source: Associated Press, "NAACP Seeks to Limit Use of College Board Tests," New York Times, November 21, 1999.


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