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U.S. Blamed For Foreign Bribe-Taking

January 27, 2000

Although American businessmen usually don't resort to bribes to land contracts in foreign lands, foreign businessmen blame Americans for forcing them to do so. That's Transparency International's interpretation of polls conducted by Gallup International.

According to the business research and advisory group, foreigners charge they are forced into corruption by unfair American competition, which enjoys enormous business advantages.

  • The poll identified Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden and Canada as the least corrupt countries.
  • The U.S. placed only 18th of the list.
  • The survey found business executives believe corruption has increased in the last five years and that it remains at very high levels.
  • Officials engaged in public works and construction contracts and the arms and defense industries are the most likely to be offered and to accept bribes, the report found.

"The United States exerts its superpower pressure to press other governments to use its contractors," says Transparency International vice chairman Frank Vogl. "There is a very negative perception of U.S. business practices among international executives."

Source: Ines Capdevila, "U.S. Pressure Blamed for Foreign Corruption," Washington Times, January 27, 2000.

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