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The Biggest Budget In The History Of Civilization

February 7, 2000

President Bill Clinton's $1.8 trillion budget proposal contains more than 100 new federal initiatives -- without cutting a single failed federal program. Such an evident philosophy of bigger and more intrusive government costs money.

  • If passed, the expenditures of the U.S. government would be $400 billion larger than when Clinton first came to the White House.
  • That represents just under $4,000 of more government for every household in America.
  • The National Taxpayers Union tallied up all the additional costs and came to a total of $126 billion -- more than the total income of every resident in New Hampshire and Vermont.
  • Critics say it is cold comfort that the budget contains only about $15 billion in tax cuts -- amounting to less than 1 percent of the government's $2 trillion in revenues.

Advocates of limited government are imploring Republicans to initiate meaningful reductions in both taxes and debt, restrain spending, eliminate corrupt programs like foreign aid and corporate welfare, provide individual accounts for Social Security and put term limits in place.

Source: Stephen Moore (Cato Institute), "No Account Budget. . . for Bigger Government,:" Washington Times, February 7, 2000.


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