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Web Site Connects Students With Affordable Colleges

February 22, 2000

College consultant Ted Kelly of Falls Church, Virginia, has developed an innovative Website that puts students of limited financial means in touch with colleges they can afford. Called, it works this way:

  • High school seniors approaching graduation access the site and submit profiles, including grade-point averages and SAT scores -- along with an indication of how much they are willing to pay for a college education.
  • A computer matches them up with member schools and the schools contact the student -- who then goes forward with the application process, already knowing the cost.
  • There is no charge to students and colleges pay $2,000 for membership.
  • Since the site has only been in operation since October, only 15 schools are members so far -- but it has assisted more than 1,000 students.

Critics contend that there is a lot more at stake than money when a student sets out to select a college. But defenders of the system point out that ready access to a college's financial requirements can't be all bad.

Source: Editorial, "Bidding for Tuition Online Opens Windows of Opportunity," USA Today, February 22, 2000.


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