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Cigarette Maker Gives Nod To Regulation

February 29, 2000

A top executive of the Philip Morris Companies says his firm is no longer opposed to some regulation of tobacco -- but is still opposed to efforts by the Food and Drug Administration to classify nicotine as a drug. This is the first time the nation's largest cigarette maker has accepted the regulatory concept.

  • Steven Parrish, the company's senior vice president, said Philip Morris would be willing to consider regulating cigarettes in such areas as selling to young people, disclosing ingredients and conducting research of safer products.
  • But it would be opposed to classifying cigarettes as drug-delivery devices.
  • The Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether Congress has delegated authority to the FDA to regulate the tobacco industry.
  • During arguments on that issue last year, most justices reportedly appeared skeptical over the federal government's contention that it did have that legal power.

Source: Barry Meier, "Executive Says Philip Morris Is Open to Some Regulation," New York Times, February 29, 2000.


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