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Arizona Online Voters Overcome Obstacles

March 10, 2000

Some Arizona voters who tried to cast their votes on line in the state's Democratic primary found the website,, took so long to load they were timed out. When they called a help line for assistance, it was busy.

  • However, by noon Wednesday, 17,947 of Arizona's more than 843,000 registered Democrats had cast electronic votes -- that's already more than the 12,800 votes cast in the 1996 Democratic primary.
  • Voters can cast their ballots from home or work via the Web, and on Saturday by computers located at polling places.
  • Voters can also register via the Web, then vote immediately afterward. is the private company running the nation's first Internet-based public election. It plans to offer registration and voting services to nonprofit and professional organizations as well as for public elections.

Other Internet election companies have also popped up during the last few months, such as and They're fighting for a market estimated at $10 billion annually in election costs and related materials and services.

Source: Lynn Burke, "Vote Early, Try Often in Arizona," Wired, March 9, 2000, and Ken Yamada, " Aims to Profit From Politics," Red Herring, March 9, 2000.


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