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December 17, 2004

Employees who want to exercise their 2nd amendment right to bear arms might lose their job if they carry a gun to the workplace, reports Stephanie Armour of the USA Today.

Employers have long banned firearms from the workplace as part of a violence-protection strategy, but those policies are being tested as states make it easier for residents to carry concealed guns. Like the use of guns at home, supporters of allowing them at work say citizens have the fundamental right to protect themselves:

  • About 76 percent of all workplace homicides are robbery related, compared with 7 percent in the general population.
  • While impulse attacks by disgruntled employees result in one death per week across the United States, workers must be allowed to defend themselves in the unlikely event of such an attack.

Thus far, employers can still ban guns inside the workplace as long as they post signs or take other clear steps stating that no weapons are allowed. Generally, allowing firearms to be stored in vehicles in the parking lot at work is viewed as more acceptable, says Armour.

Source: Stephanie Armour, ?Companies that ban guns put on defensive,? USA Today, December 10, 2004.

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