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August 4, 2006

A massive rise in immigration is wrecking the quality of life in Britain, a study by the Members of Parliament of the United Kingdom warns.

  • Soaring house prices, water shortages, gridlocked roads and over-stretched public services are all linked to the population explosion.
  • The influx is also blamed for family strife as couples split under pressure of coping with higher housing costs.
  • And things are set to get worse, with a 7.2 million growth in population predicted over 30 years -- mostly from immigration.

The number of migrants has hit 662,000 since Poland and seven other East European countries joined the European Union two years ago -- 20 times official predictions.  And the problems will worsen with 140,000 expected to come here when Romania and Bulgaria join the EU next year.  The influx from ex-Iron Curtain states to 800,000 in just three years.

Despite repeated assurances that immigration is under control, leaked papers warn key public services could be plunged into chaos when the next deluge begins:

  • Schools need to hire an army of English teachers to help kids who cannot speak the language as well as finding extra places.
  • The National Health Service (NHS) will be stretched still further as more migrants "block" beds because they are ineligible for care and benefits once they leave.
  • And even more pressure will be piled on housing stocks.
  • Aggressive begging is likely to be increased by those migrants who cannot find jobs -- while poorly paid workers who do find jobs will pull down wage levels.

The report by Home Office minister Joan Ryan spells out the "serious implications" for services and "community cohesion." 

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