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Still A Lot Of U.S. Troops In Europe

April 24, 2000

The Cold War is history, but the U.S. continues to maintain high levels of troops on the European continent. Critics question the need for devoting so much in manpower and money operations which are no longer needed.

In fact, the U.S. maintains the most powerful military force in Europe. Why, critics ask, doesn't Europe shoulder more of its own responsibilities?

  • The U.S. currently maintains 100,000 service personnel in Europe -- with 10,000 American soldiers standing guard in such remote places as Bosnia and Kosovo.
  • While the Pentagon doesn't like to breakout the costs involved, private military analysts say we are spending $20 billion per year there -- not to mention the billions we are spending in the Balkans.
  • In the NATO-led, 79-day bombardment of the Serbian army in Kosovo last year, 30,000 of the 35,217 NATO sorties were flown by American planes.
  • Although President Clinton promised to bring home the troops he committed to Bosnia in 1995 within one year, some 4,500 of them remain there today.

Source: Rob Norton, "Why Are We Still in Europe?" Fortune, May 1, 2000.


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