U.S. Senate, Texas Will Miss Phil Gramm's Leadership

September 04, 2001

by John C. Goodman

NCPA's Goodman Thanks Senator/Friend For Years Of Service

DALLAS (Sept. 4, 2001) - NCPA President John C. Goodman issued the following statement following Senator Phil Gramm's announcement that he will not seek re-election:

"From cutting taxes to balancing the budget to stopping Hillarycare, no one in Congress has had a greater impact than Senator Gramm.

"The NCPA and I have worked with Senator Gramm for many years to reform our public institutions to empower people instead of government. No matter the conventional wisdom, whenever the going got tough, Sen. Gramm could always be counted on to stand up and lead.

"He continues to lead on the critical issue of the day, Social Security reform. The good news is there is still time left to make that as his crowning achievement.

"Thank you for your years of service. I'm proud to call you my Senator and my friend."