Testimonies, Speeches and Comments

The NCPA has a highly effective office in Washington, D.C. that sponsors Capitol Hill briefings, conferences and testimony by NCPA experts before congressional committees. The NCPA serves as a source of "outside the Beltway" thinking for Capitol Hill deliberations.

  • Feb 04, 2009

    Health Care Reform In A Struggling Economy: What Is On The Horizon For Small Business?

    This Committee knows better than most that small business employees are much less likely to have access to employer-sponsored health coverage than the employees of larger firms. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation...

  • Jan 29, 2009

    Reducing Cost And Improving Quality

    The market for medical care does not work like other markets. Providers typically do not disclose prices prior to treatment because they do not compete for patients based on price. Payments are usually not made by patients themselves but by third parties - employers, insurance companies or government.