Testimonies, Speeches and Comments

The NCPA has a highly effective office in Washington, D.C. that sponsors Capitol Hill briefings, conferences and testimony by NCPA experts before congressional committees. The NCPA serves as a source of "outside the Beltway" thinking for Capitol Hill deliberations.

  • Feb 07, 2003

    Statement before the Democratic Policy Committees of the U.S. Congress

    Mr. Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to discuss the administration's budget request for FY 2004. I would just like to emphasize at the outset that I am not an administration official and do not in any way speak for the administration. Furthermore, while I am generally sympathetic with the administration's philosophy, I don't necessarily support every particular of its budget priorities. I am here speaking only for myself and not on behalf of the National Center for Policy Analysis, the Bush Administration, the Republican Party or anyone else.