Testimonies, Speeches and Comments

The NCPA has a highly effective office in Washington, D.C. that sponsors Capitol Hill briefings, conferences and testimony by NCPA experts before congressional committees. The NCPA serves as a source of "outside the Beltway" thinking for Capitol Hill deliberations.

  • Jun 16, 1999

    Health Reform

    Unwise government policies are largely responsible for the fact that the number of Americans without health insurance is 43 million and rising. Unwise government policies also are responsible for the fact that people who have health insurance are turning over an ever-larger share of their health care dollars to managed care bureaucracies that limit patient choices and sometimes give providers perverse incentives to deny care.

  • May 18, 1999

    Hatton W. Sumners Distinguished Lecture Series

    The 20th century has been a great one for big policy ideas, both good and bad. In the bad corner: communism, fascism and socialism, three concepts based on the idea that government is smarter than people. The biggest and baddest was communism. It killed tens of millions of people and crushed the spirits and deprived of opportunity of hundreds of millions more. It kept the world at war - The Cold War - for 45 years, and was the dominating factor of two generations of American foreign policy.

  • Apr 16, 1999

    Hatton W. sumners Distinguished Lecture Series - Klaus

    It is a great honor for me to be asked to speak in the NCPA Hatton W. Sumners Distinguished Lecture Series. I have been following the NCPA activities and publications for some time and I am glad to say here that I learned a lot by reading them. The more difficult it is for me now to find something innovative, important and relevant to discuss here.