Bob Dole's Welfare Reform Plan

Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole has introduced a major welfare reform bill.  The bill includes some important provisions, and takes the first steps toward general welfare reform.

Welfare Reform: Should There Be Strings Attached?

A debate has arisen among conservatives over how much freedom the states should have.  Some argue for a "no-strings-attached" approach under which federal requirements on state use of block grant fund…

Principles for Welfare Reform: Block Grants

The goals of these block grants are laudable: transferring power back to the people and allowing local communities to find workable solutions to a welfare system that is a dismal failure. Yet serious…

Welfare Reform: School Lunches

Opponents of moving responsibility for school lunches to the states believe in centralized, big-government solutions.  But they are going against the trend to devolve power to states, localities and t…

Welfare Reform That Really Works

Public opinion polls show most people recognize that the current welfare system has utterly failed and are thoroughly disgusted with it.  They would overwhelmingly support radical reform including spe…

Why Not Abolish the Welfare State?

Everyone from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton seems to agree. Our welfare system is a disaster. It's in desperate need of reform.

Voluntary Welfare: A Greater Role for Private Charities

There are remarkable differences among the people we label as 'poor'. The poverty population includes the elderly poor as well as unwed teenage mothers. It includes people with university degrees as w…

Paying People Not to Work: The Unemployment Compensation System

The Unemployment Compensation system encourages employeers to lay off their employees and discourages the unemployed from finding new jobs.