Facts Not Fear on Air Pollution

Policy Reports | Energy and Natural Resources

No. 294
Monday, December 11, 2006
by Joel Schwartz

About the Author

Joel Schwartz is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies air pollution, transportation, climate change and chemical risks.  He has authored numerous studies on air pollution trends, control strategies, health effects and regulatory policy.  He is currently at work on the forthcoming book Air Quality in America, which will be published by the AEI Press in 2007.

Before coming to AEI, Schwartz directed the Reason Public Policy Institute's Air Quality Project.  He also served as Executive Officer of the California Inspection and Maintenance Review Committee, a government agency charged with evaluating California's vehicle emissions inspection program and making recommendations to the legislature and governor on program improvements.   Schwartz has also worked at the RAND Corporation, the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Coalition for Clean Air.

Schwartz holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Cornell University and a master's degree in planetary science from the California Institute of Technology.  He was a German Marshall Fund fellow in 1993, during which he studied European approaches to transportation and air quality policy.

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