Ten Steps to Reforming Baby Boomer Retirement

Policy Reports | Retirement

No. 283
Thursday, March 23, 2006
by John C. Goodman, Devon Herrick, Matt Moore


The 10 steps outlined in this paper would make many of the institutional changes needed to prepare for the retirement of the baby boomers and succeeding generations. Current public policies encourage underfunding of corporate pension plans, discourage labor market mobility, discourage workers from saving on their own, and discourage personal and portable insurance.

"These reforms would help baby boomers and younger workers prepare for retirement."

If Congress implements these reforms, federal government and corporate policies will instead encourage flexible and sensible arrangements when it comes to saving for retirement, paying for health care or deciding whether or not to work, all the while helping workers build the largest possible nest egg in a way that reduces risk and volatility as retirement age approaches.

NOTE: Nothing written here should be construed as necessarily reflecting the views of the National Center for Policy Analysis or as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage of any bill before Congress.

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