Government Spending on the Elderly: Social Security and Medicare

Policy Reports | Federal Spending | Health | Social Security

No. 247
Friday, November 30, 2001
by John C. Goodman and Matt Moore

About the Authors

John C. Goodman is President of the National Center for Policy Analysis. Dr. Goodman earned his Ph.D. in economics at Columbia University and has engaged in teaching and research at six colleges and universities, including Columbia University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Sarah Lawrence College and Southern Methodist University. Dr. Goodman has written widely on health care, Social Security, privatization, the welfare state and other public policy issues. He is the author of seven books and numerous scholarly articles. Dr. Goodman's published works include National Health Care in Great Britain, Regulation of Medical Care: Is the Price Too High?, Economics of Public Policy, Social Security in the United Kingdom and, with Gerald L. Musgrave, Patient Power: Solving America's Health Care Crisis.

Matt Moore is a policy analyst with the National Center for Analysis, focusing on Social Security and education policy. He is also responsible for maintaining "Social Security Central," the NCPA's Social Security Web site at Mr. Moore has B.A. degrees in political science and corporate communications and public affairs from Southern Methodist University and a Master's degree in public policy from Georgetown University.

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