Suing Gun Manufacturers: Hazardous to Our Health

Policy Reports | Crime | Government | Regulations

No. 223
Monday, March 01, 1999
by H. Sterling Burnett

About the Author

H. Sterling Burnett is Senior Policy Analyst at the National Center for Policy Analysis. Mr. Burnett, who holds an M.A. in Applied Philosophy from Bowling Green State University, is an expert on the conjunction between ethics and public policy. He has worked on environmental issues including environmental ethics, global warming, endangered species and property rights, and on gun policy issues. In 1998, Mr. Burnett won a James Madison Award from the Second Amendment Foundation for a Knight-Ridder syndicated editorial exchange with Sarah Brady of Handgun Control Inc., in which he argued that the Brady law waiting period had been ineffective and did not deserve to be reauthorized. He currently serves as the Vice President of Conservation on the board of Dallas' oldest conservation organization, The Dallas Woods and Waters Conservation Club, and as an advisor to the American Legislative Exchange Council's Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Task Force. He has been a Brand Visiting Chair of Free Enterprise and Public Policy at Howard Payne University and a Graduate Fellow at the Political Economy Research Center. Mr. Burnett's articles have appeared in numerous newspapers, professional journals and books including USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, Dallas Morning News, Ethics and International Studies in Philosophy. His television appearances have included CNN and Fox News, and he appears weekly as a guest policy expert on Money Radio in Los Angeles.

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