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Policy Reports | Crime

No. 206
Sunday, September 01, 1996
by Morgan O. Reynolds

Table: Selected Annual Prison Industry Earnings

Table I

Selected Annual Prison Industry Earnings

Prison Sales Per PrisonerCosts of Ordinary Support Per Prisoner*Calculated Surplus or (Loss) Per Prisoner*Reported Surplus or (Loss) Per Prisoner*
Auburn, NY$106.93-- $51.75= $55.18$45.30
Connecticut Prison$90.00-- $63.00= $27.00$39.00
Maine Prison$83.00-- $70.82= $12.18$12.18
Massachusetts Prison$107.38-- $51.00= $56.38 $46.71
New Hampshire Prison$30.91-- $65.16= ($34.25)($11.34)
New Jersey Prison$92.19-- $63.00= $29.19$28.78
New Penitentiary, Phila., PA$43.00-- $43.00= $0.00($17.00)
Ohio State Prison$93.54-- $43.00= $50.54$30.90
Rhode Island Prison$49.00-- NA= NANA
Sing Sing, NY, Male Prison$100.69-- $49.49= $52.20$51.11
Sing Sing, NY, Female Prison$29.65-- $91.38= ($61.73)($62.75)
Vermont Prison$70.72-- $60.87= $9.85$8.30

*Excludes salaries of prison officials, The discrepancy between the calculate and reports surplus or loss may be due to sales or costs not reported in the original table.
Source: Annual Prison Report for New York, 1850,reprinted in American Correctional Association, The American Prison: From the Beginning... A pictorial History, p.55.

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