Medical Savings Accounts: The Singapore Experience

Policy Reports | Health

No. 203
Monday, April 01, 1996
by Thomas A. Massaro, M.D., Ph.D. and Yu-Ning Wong

About the Authors

The authors gratefully acknowledge grant support to one of us (YNW) from the Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia Travel Fund of the University of Virginia and deeply appreciate those professionals in various Singapore organizations who gave of their time and insight. Portions of this manuscript have appeared previously in Health Affairs.

Dr. Thomas A. Massaro is the Harrison Foundation Professor of Medicine and Law. He is Professor of Pediatrics and Business Administration and a Senior Fellow of the Virginia Health Policy Center at the University of Virginia. He is Director of Medical Affairs at the University of Virginia Medical Center and Associate Dean of Clinical Resources in the School of Medicine. Clinically, he serves as an attending physician in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Massaro is the author of numerous scholarly papers and publications. The Business of Critical Care, a book he coauthored with Dr. W.J. Sibbald, will be published later in 1996. Dr. Massaro is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society for Critical Care Medicine. His academic degrees are: S.B., M.I.T.; M.S., Cornell University; Ph.D. in chemical engineering, University of California at Berkeley; M.D., University of Wisconsin Medical School; M.S. in management, Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Yu-Ning Wong was an undergraduate at the University of Virginia at the time the peer review article, "Positive Experience With Medical Savings Accounts in Singapore" was written. At present, she is a first-year medical student at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey.

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