Social Security

Can Social Security and Medicare Be Saved?

President Clinton wants to use any possible budget surplus to save Social Security. Republican leaders in Congress want to use any money from a possible tobacco settlement to save Medicare. But neithe…

The Nightmare in Our Future: Elderly Entitlements

Each generation of retirees depends on the government to provide Social Security and health care benefits by taxing the next generation. But in America, as in most other developed countries, the numbe…

Some Americans Already Have Privatized Social Security

Most people realize that the Social Security Trust Funds are trust funds in name only and consist of nothing more than IOUs the government owes to itself. However, employees of three Texas counties th…

Social Security Reform: Other Countries Are Leading the Way

From the inception of Social Security in 1935, politicians have encouraged people to think of the system as similar to private pensions. Private pension plans that invest a person's contributions in s…

Social Security Privatization

A 1994 poll found that more people in their twenties believed in Unidentified Flying Objects than believed they would collect Social Security retirement benefits.

Private Alternatives To Social Security in Other Countries

Social security programs in most countries, including the United States, follow the model first adopted in Europe: they are financed by mandatory payroll taxes and provide benefits to current retirees…

Tax Fairness for the Elderly: Eliminating the Social Security Earnings Penalty

Social Security recipients under age 70 who earn more than a modest amount from wages or salary are America's most heavily taxed citizens. 

Compulsory Savings in Singapore: An Alternative to the Welfare State

Unlike most countries in the world today, which finance their social security systems on a pay-as-you-go basis, Singapore requires people to save for their own retirement.