Patient Power

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Monday, March 02, 1992
by John C. Goodman and Gerald L. Musgrave

The thesis of this book is simple:  If we want to solve the nation's health care crisis, we must apply the same common-sense principles to medical care that we apply to other goods and services.  Health care is often said to be a necessity.  However, there are other necessities such as food, clothing, housing and transportation.  If we paid for any of these items the way we pay for health care, we would face a similar crisis.  If we paid only 5 cents on the dollar for food, clothing, or housing, for example, costs would explode in each of those markets.

The Patient Power Pamphlet: sp_pp_pamphlet.pdf (PDF | 6MB)

For the complete book:  sp_pp_PatientPowerComplete.pdf (PDF | 10MB)

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Part I - Introduction

Part II - From Competition to Cost-Plus Health Care

Part III - Regulation the Cost-Plus System

Part IV - The Chain-Letter Economics of Medicare

Part V - National Health Insurance

Part VI - Dismantling the Cost-Plus System


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