National Security

Shutting Down ISIS’ Antiquities Trade
Privatizing Defense: Britain Leads the Way

The military campaign in Afghanistan demonstrated that, among NATO countries, only Great Britain - with its small but professional military - has the capability to deploy advanced military assets to f…

Waging the New War on Terrorism

We are now at war. President Bush and the U.S. Congress have made that clear and the public has evinced so far overwhelming support for their leaders' calls for waging a long, patient and difficult st…

Is the Global Warming Treaty a Threat to National Security?

Most environmentalists, some scientists, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have blamed global warming and all manner of natural catastrophes - hurricanes, floods and even El Niño - on rising l…

The Soviet Space Threat

The Soviet Union is trying to achieve total military domination of space and is succeeding in this persuit of this objective.

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