Senate Mainstream Plan: Compromising Health Care

A group of moderate Republicans and Democrats in the Senate has proposed a so-called mainstream health care plan.

Forecasting the Effects of the Mitchell Health Bill

The health refonn plan proposed by Senator George Mitchell CD-ME) attempts to increase the number of people with health insurance by offering generous subsidies to induce voluntary compliance. Employe…

The House Compromise Health Bill: A Missed Opportunity

Unlike the Clinton plan and the versions of that plan sponsored by the House Democratic leadership, the House compromise bill promised to solve problems by empowering individuals and leaving markets f…

Senator Mitchell's Last Stand

The Senate is now in open debate on the health care reform bill proposed by Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-ME). A composite, the proposal is based on bills written by the Senate's Finance a…

What's at Stake for the Elderly in Health Care Reform

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has endorsed the two latest versions of the Clinton health care plan: bills by Senator George Mitchell (D-ME) and Representative Richard Gephardt (D-…

Cost Shifting Under the Mitchell Bill

One reason why there is so much uncertainty about the real cost of health reform proposals before Congress is that in most bills the costs are hidden.

Is Hawaii a Model for Health Care Reform?

Senator Kennedy and others argue that Hawaii's more centralized control of the health care system has led to a better distribution of physicians and more effective utilization of resources, hospital b…

Senator Mitchell's War On the Middle Class

The high taxes the Mitchell bill would impose - both directly and indirectly (through cost shifting) - would lower investment, worker productivity and employee wages.