The High Cost of Failing to Reform Public Education in Texas

This study documents the public costs of high school dropouts in Texas and examines how school choice could provide large public benefi ts by increasing graduation rates in Texas public schools. It ca…

Teachers' Cost of Living Matters More

Public officials and teacher unions often compare teacher salaries in a particular city or region against the national average or against other U.S. cities. They assume teachers in areas with higher t…

Educating the Children of Katrina

Hurricane Katrina wrought devastation and chaos, leaving hundreds of thousands unemployed and homeless. Among the victims are at least 372,000 displaced students.

Charter Schools and Urban Development

Charter schools are independent public schools exempt from many of the rules and regulations that impede innovation and flexibility in conventional public schools. Traditionally, charter schools are s…

Is College Too Expensive, Or More Affordable Than Ever?

To the 10.5 million students in college each year and their families, college affordability is a major concern. With annual regularity, news headlines warn about rising college costs. Tuition at four-…

NCPA's Value-Added Report Card on Texas Schools: A Model for Meaningful Assessments

The No Child Left Behind Act, the new school accountability measure that became law in 2001, requires that all states develop and administer standards-based tests to students in grades 3 through 8 and…

School Choice after Cleveland
The U.S. Supreme Court's 5-to-4 decision in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris affirmed the constitutionality of the publicly funded school voucher program in Cleveland, Ohio.
Texas Charter Schools: Do They Measure Up?
Charter schools are independent public schools that are freed from many of the bureaucratic rules and regulations preventing innovation and flexibility in traditional public schools.

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