Reviving the Economy: Bush vs. The House Democrats

President Bush and the Democrats in the House of Representatives have submitted proposals to move the economy more quickly out of the current recession and to achieve a higher rate of economic growth.…

A Strategy for Growth

As the U.S. economy languishes at the start of an election year, leaders in both political parties are proposing tax relief as a remedy. Ill-conceived tax cuts, however, would do nothing to help the e…

Senate Republican Conference: Task Force on Economic Growth and Job Creation

There is a consensus among the economists testifying that the reasons for slower growth are the same reasons for the current recession: higher taxes on labor and capital and an increase in costly regu…

Will The New Budget Package Create A Recession?

The United States has experienced the longest peacetime economic expansion in its history, due to tax reductions enacted during the 1980s.

Privatization Around the Globe: Lessons for the Reagan Administration

Following the lead of Britain, countries around the world are applying the techniques of the Thatcher government and are joining the privatization revolution.