The Global Warming Treaty: For U.S. Consumers - All Pain, No Gain

United States negotiators seem intent on signing a treaty this December in Kyoto, Japan, that would drastically curtail energy use in an effort to restrict emissions of greenhouse gases. These gases,…

An Agenda For Economic Freedom

Giving people more economic freedom has been implicit in many Republican and Democratic proposals, yet neither party has turned it into an agenda for the 105th Congress. Both should.

What's Happening To Americans' Income?

April 1995 marked the beginning of the fifth consecutive year of U.S. economic expansion.  Despite this good news, media reports often paint a bleak picture of the average American worker's prospects.…

The Truth About Wages

Workers have chosen to take more of their compensation in the form of benefits, and their choice is not surprising. Benefits are tax free, whereas wages are taxable.

Multiculturalism and Economic Growth

Multiculturalism is in vogue today among academicians, politicians and the media. But anthropologists identify cultural diversity as a universal source of social conflict and often as a barrier to eco…

Law, Liberty and Economic Growth

Previous scholarly studies have demonstrated a statistically significant relationship between political and civil liberty and economic growth. This study surveys legal systems in 167 countries and com…

The Case for Expanded IRAs

Given that we want economic growth, we have two choices. Americans must either import funds for investment from other countries or increase their saving rate. Expanded opportunities to make deposits t…

The Republicans' Pro-Growth Contract

The partisan battle over the Republicans' "Contract With America" has obscured the fact that at least six of the contracts proposals would, if enacted, stimulate economic growth.

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