The Case For NAFTA

Policy Backgrounders | Trade

No. 130
Monday, November 15, 1993
by Edward L. Hudgins, Ph.D.

NAFTA Restores Sovereignty to Individuals

Some critics claim that the more the economies of Mexico and the United States become integrated, the less sovereignty the United States will have. But what do these critics mean by "Mexico" and "the United States?" Do they mean the governments of these countries? Do they mean the physical territory?

In fact, Mexico and the United States do not trade anything. Individual Americans and individual Mexicans are the actual merchants and customers. The economy of the United States does not belong to the government. It is not collective or communal property. It belongs to millions of individual private property owners who should be free to use and dispose of their property as they see fit. This freedom includes the right to buy from and sell to Mexicans. By removing the current governmental restrictions on trade, NAFTA restores freedom to the sovereign individual.

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