Brief Analyses

Restricted to two letter-size pages, a Brief Analysis summarizes some aspect or aspects of a public policy issue, presenting points for consideration in policy debates or responding to points that have been raised during these debates.

Ten Facts About Crime

Is the public's mounting fear of crime justified? For the most part, the answer is yes. There are at least 10 things to know about crime in America today.

Environmental Racism?

America already has over-politicized environmental issues. It would be inappropriate to divert even more resources to uncertain or nonexistent "problems." However, if the government assumes its proper…

Tax Reforms: The Need to Change Depreciation Rules

Our income tax system discriminates against long-term investments.  Under current rules, investments in short-lived assets are more attractive than investments in long-lived assets. In fact, the longe…

How Not To Judge Our Health Care System

For the last several years, some critics of the American health care system have claimed that life expectancy is a good indicator of the quality of a country's health care system. If they are right, y…

In Harm's Way: The VA Health Care System

The Veterans Administration runs the largest and least efficient hospital system in the country.

The Case for Expanded IRAs

Given that we want economic growth, we have two choices. Americans must either import funds for investment from other countries or increase their saving rate. Expanded opportunities to make deposits t…

The Republicans' Pro-Growth Contract

The partisan battle over the Republicans' "Contract With America" has obscured the fact that at least six of the contracts proposals would, if enacted, stimulate economic growth.

The Case for a Capital Gains Tax Cut

The 1986 Tax Reform Act increased the maximum tax rate on capital gains income from 20 percent to 28 percent. This 40 percent tax hike has reduced government revenues, discouraged entrepreneurship and…