No Smoking Guns: Answering Objections to Right-to-Carry Laws

Since 1986 the number of states in which it is legal to carry concealed weapons has grown from nine to 31, representing 49 percent of the country's population. Should we feel safer?

Why the Government Shut Down

The recent shutdown of parts of the federal government lasted 21 days and ended on January 5.  It idled thousands of federal employees and closed numerous government agencies.

What Is the Optimal Size of Government in the United States?

Beyond some minimum level, government becomes a net drain on the private sector. When resources are allocated privately, the goal is the highest economic rate of return. When they are allocated by pol…

Why Bush Lost the Election: Ten Lessons for the Clinton Administration

According to the political pundits, a lackluster economy is the main reason President Bush lost the election. That judgment is based on solid economic evidence:

Reviving the Economy: Bush vs. The House Democrats

President Bush and the Democrats in the House of Representatives have submitted proposals to move the economy more quickly out of the current recession and to achieve a higher rate of economic growth.…

Government In Retreat

Technological changes are increasing the mobility of labor and capital around the world. Because of this mobility, governments no longer have a fixed supply of productive resources to tax and regulate…

Is The Texas State Budget Balanced?

Texas is entering the 1990-91 fiscal period with a projected deficit of almost $1 billion. Because of this deficit, Texas taxpayers face an almost certain increase in taxes in the next biennium, inclu…

How Much Government does Texas Need? An analysis of the Texas State Budget

This study will propose changing or abolishing specific programs, bureaucracies and state policies in order to alleviate the assult on the pocketbooks of long-suffering taxpayers.