Why the Democrats' Medicare Plan Won't Work

Congressional Democrats have proposed an alternative to the Republican plan to solve the Medicare financing crisis.

Medical Savings Accounts for Medicare: The Adverse Selection Issue

The Republican Medicare reform plan allows the elderly to choose a catastrophic health insurance policy coupled with a Medical Savings Account (MSA) rather than remain in traditional Medicare.

Are Medical Savings Accounts Good for the Sick?

Critics assert that Medical Savings Accounts are good for the healthy and bad for the sick. The facts tell a different story. People with high medical expenses are almost always better off if they can…

Answers for Seniors About Medical Savings Accounts

The U.S. Congress is on the verge of enacting the most sweeping reform legislation in the 30-year history of Medicare. Under the legislation, Medicare recipients would have new options, including the…

Censorship by the FDA

In the last few years, the FDA's Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications has limited the drug companies' freedom to send out reprints.

Better Than Medicare

The Republicans have accomplished what no one in the Washington establishment contemplated when the Republican budget blueprint was adopted by Congress earlier this year. They have proposed a Medicare…

Saving the Medicare System With Medical Savings Accounts

Earlier this year, the National Center for Policy Analysis addressed the Medicare financing crisis with a proposal similar to the one now being considered by the Republican leadership in Congress.

Saving the Medicare System With Medical Savings Accounts

This study examines the choices private insurers will be able to offer as alternatives to the government-run program if they are given a voucher for the average estimated per-person Medicare cost of $…