Suing Gun Manufacturers: Hazardous to Our Health

The lawsuits against gun manufacturers are not just bad public policy, they are also dubious as matters of law. The courts have recognized that firearms are no different from many other potentially da…

Foreign Dollar Holdings and the U.S. Money Supply

One of the most important of all economic indicators is the money supply. Most economists believe that it plays a major role in the level of interest rates, inflation and real growth in the economy. T…

The Underground Economy

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rossotti recently estimated that the federal government is losing $195 billion per year in revenue due to the failure of people to report income and pay t…

Can the IRS Be Reformed?

Since ancient times, people have feared and suffered at the hands of tax collectors. The ancient writer Lactantius tells us that Roman tax collectors would always double the tax when they were sent to…

No Smoking Guns: Answering Objections to Right-to-Carry Laws

Since 1986 the number of states in which it is legal to carry concealed weapons has grown from nine to 31, representing 49 percent of the country's population. Should we feel safer?

Why the Government Shut Down

The recent shutdown of parts of the federal government lasted 21 days and ended on January 5.  It idled thousands of federal employees and closed numerous government agencies.

What Is the Optimal Size of Government in the United States?

Beyond some minimum level, government becomes a net drain on the private sector. When resources are allocated privately, the goal is the highest economic rate of return. When they are allocated by pol…

Why Bush Lost the Election: Ten Lessons for the Clinton Administration

According to the political pundits, a lackluster economy is the main reason President Bush lost the election. That judgment is based on solid economic evidence: