Do We Need a Tax Cut?

As the economy languishes and the presidential election nears, politicians of both parties are searching for ways to stimulate the economy and promote economic growth.

How State and Local Taxes Affect Economic Growth

This study finds that state and local taxes (expressed as a fraction of personal income) over the period 1957 to 1987 had a major impact on state economic growth.

Tax Rates, Tax Revenues and Economic Growth

Prior to the 1980s, most people assumed that if governments raised tax rates they would collect more total revenue from taxpayers. We now have dynamic evidence from the United States that a decrease i…

Taxes, Deficits and the Current Recession

The budget summit agreement, including the largest tax increase in history. was rushed through Congress in the final moments of the last session. Even now - long after passage of the act and the 1990…

Will The New Budget Package Create A Recession?

The United States has experienced the longest peacetime economic expansion in its history, due to tax reductions enacted during the 1980s.

State Governments Turn to New Taxes

This year 25 states -- leb by California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York -- have approved roughly $10 billion in new taxes, making 1990 the second-largest state tax increase year on record. …

A Pro-Growth Budget Strategy: Vision For The 1990s

As the U.S. economy falters on the eve of a serious recession, leaders in both political parties are proposing new taxes as a way to reduce the federal deficit. This strategy is self-defeating. The ne…

Do We Need New Taxes?

In budget summit negotiations, the President and Congress originally had agreed in principle to reduce the federal deficit by $50 billion next year and $500 billion over the next five years.  About ha…

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