Rationing Care: Oregon Changes Its Priorities

To our knowledge, the Oregon Health Plan is the first government health care program anywhere in the world that has drawn up a formal procedure for rationing.

Small Business Health Insurance

Small business employees are much less likely to have access to employer-sponsored health coverage than the employees of larger firms.

Health Care Entrepreneurs: The Changing Nature of Providers

The market for medical care does not work like other markets. Providers typically do not disclose prices prior to treatment because they do not compete for patients based on price. Payments are usuall…

How Parents Can Protect Their Kids against Staph Infections

The threat of drug-resistant bacteria infecting schoolchildren has been scaring parents
across America, after a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
made national headlines.  H…

A Framework for Medicare Reform

The most important domestic policy problem this country faces is health care. The most important component of that problem is Medicare. Forecasts by every federal agency that produces such simulations…

How to Make Health Insurance Affordable

Public officials and health care experts have recently suggested a number of reforms to reduce the cost of individual health insurance.  However, most of the proposals fail to address the contribution…

The John McCain Health Plan

If you listen only to presidential campaign rhetoric, you might conclude that Barack Obama has proposed bold new changes for our health care system, while John McCain is offering only small improvemen…

The Barack Obama Health Plan

Sen. Barack Obama has released only sketchy details about his health reform plan. The Commonwealth Fund has produced a very detailed plan, however, which it encourages readers to view as very similar…

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