The Bush Health Plan

President Bush made two bold health policy proposals in his State of the Union message.

Seniors' Drug Costs: Government versus the Internet

Leaders of the new Democrat-controlled Congress have expressed concern about the out-of-pocket costs to seniors under many of the new Medicare drug plans.  Some are calling for expanded coverage, whic…

Medicare: Negotiated Drug Prices May Not Lower Costs

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has promised that within its first 100 hours the Democrat-controlled House will repeal the ban preventing Medicare from negotiating directly with pharmaceutical companies. She must e…

Shopping for Drugs: 2007

Patients are increasingly being given the opportunity and responsibility to manage their own health care dollars. 

How Generous Are Social Security and Medicare?

Without changes, Social Security and Medicare will grow relative to the earnings and compensation of the workers who fund the programs. Further, the rate at which these entitlement benefits replace pr…

Opportunities for State Medicaid Reform

Medicaid, the joint federal-state health care program for the poor and near poor, is the largest single expenditure by state governments today. At the rate the program is growing, it is on a course to…

Update 2006: Why Are Health Costs Rising?

Prices for medical services have been rising faster than prices of other goods and services for as long as anyone can remember. But not all health care prices are rising.

Will Mandatory Health Insurance Work?

The latest fad among Republicans is enforcing "personal responsibility" by requiring individuals to buy health insurance. It was enshrined in the recent Massachusetts health reform law, proudly signed…