Insuring the Uninsured: Five Steps to Improve the Massachusetts Plan

Massachusetts enacted an ambitious plan for near-universal health insurance coverage in 2006, the product of a compromise between then-Gov. Mitt Romney and the state Legislature. The cornerstone of th…

The Market for Medical Care: Why You Don’t Know the Price; Why You Don’t Know about Quality; And What Can Be Done about It.

In most markets, prices and quality indicators are transparent - clear and readily available to consumers.   Health care is different:  Prices are difficult to obtain and often meaningless when they a…

The Rising Burden of Health Spending on Seniors

The United States spends about 17 percent of its national income on health care, the highest in the world.  Some have wondered how high spending can go and what difference it will make.  In thinking a…

Answering the Critics of the Bush Health Plan

President Bush made bold health policy proposals in his State of the Union message. 

The Bush Health Plan

President Bush made two bold health policy proposals in his State of the Union message.

Seniors' Drug Costs: Government versus the Internet

Leaders of the new Democrat-controlled Congress have expressed concern about the out-of-pocket costs to seniors under many of the new Medicare drug plans.  Some are calling for expanded coverage, whic…

Medicare: Negotiated Drug Prices May Not Lower Costs

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has promised that within its first 100 hours the Democrat-controlled House will repeal the ban preventing Medicare from negotiating directly with pharmaceutical companies. She must e…

Shopping for Drugs: 2007

Patients are increasingly being given the opportunity and responsibility to manage their own health care dollars.