Work & Wages

Labor Unions and the Joint Employer Rule
Should Tipping Be Abolished?
Redefining Jobs Down: Managers, Salaried Workers and Overtime Pay
Lifting Workers Out of Poverty: The Minimum Wage versus the Earned Income Tax Credit
Is Disability Contributing to Women’s Declining Employment?

Women’s labor force participation rate (LFPR) — the percentage of individuals employed or looking for work — reached an all-time high of 60 percent in 1999, but since then has steadily declined to 57.…

Leaving Women Behind: Modern Families, Outdated Laws

The single most important economic and sociological change in our society in the past 60 years has been the entry of women into the labor market...

Which Is More Important for Women, Capitalism or Democracy?

Capitalism and democracy are both known to improve the well-being of women. But which is more important? The social welfare of both men and women can be measured by health, education and employment, a…

Saving and Investing: A Challenge for Women

Careful studies have shown that the greatest degree of inequality exists among senior citizens, and the single most important cause of that inequality is not differences in preretirement income but di…

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