Policy Reports

NCPA studies generally break new ground on policy issues. A study seeks to cast new light on an issue and to stimulate policy-makers and others to think of new, innovative solutions to the problems associated with the issue. Studies may combine several elements of analysis, including original research, reviews of academic literature, creative approaches for solving public policy problems, and economic modeling.

Health Care After Retirement: Who Will Pay the Cost

Health care spending for the elderly, like Social Security, is financed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Both employees and employers are discourged from putting aside money during an individual's working ye…

How Much Government does Texas Need? An analysis of the Texas State Budget

This study will propose changing or abolishing specific programs, bureaucracies and state policies in order to alleviate the assult on the pocketbooks of long-suffering taxpayers.

Making the World Less Safe: The Unhealthy Trend in Health, Safety, and Environmental Regulations

Because of fear and panic over the possibility that people are being exposed to cancer-causing chemicals, politicians at the state and federal level are enacting unwise laws and regulations. All too o…

Mandating Health Insurance

A proposal put forth by Senator Edward Kennedy would require all U.S. employers to provide health insurance for theor emploees. The problem this proposal addresses is about $4 billion in annual unpaid…

The Elderly: People The Supply-Side Revolution Forgot

Elderly taxpayers now face the highest marginal tax rates ever imposed on middle-income Americans. In some cases, elderly workers who earn a dollar will lose more than a dollar in taxes and lost Socia…

Freedom Of Choice In Health Insurance

The number of Americans without health insurance has increased by 25 percent since 1980 and now totals 37 million people. A major reason why so many people lack health insurance is that state governme…

Paying People Not to Work: The Unemployment Compensation System

The Unemployment Compensation system encourages employeers to lay off their employees and discourages the unemployed from finding new jobs.

Private Alternatives to Social Security in Other Countries

The social security systems of nearly all developed countries and many less developed countries face a severe financial crisis as we move into the 21st century.