Policy Reports

NCPA studies generally break new ground on policy issues. A study seeks to cast new light on an issue and to stimulate policy-makers and others to think of new, innovative solutions to the problems associated with the issue. Studies may combine several elements of analysis, including original research, reviews of academic literature, creative approaches for solving public policy problems, and economic modeling.

Social Security: Who Gains? Who Loses?

When the baby boom generation retires and looks to a much smaller working populationto pay its benefits, Social Security will face a finalcial crisis of alarming magnitude. This will occur sometime in…

Government vs. Free Enterprise in Space

Until recently, the U.S. had a clear lead in virtually every aspect of space technology. Today, we are in danger of losing that lead to Europe, to Japan, and even to the Soviet Union.

Private Sector Alternatives in Urban Transportation

Throughout the 20th century, in the United States and in countries around the world, people have increasingly turned to government to solve problems they believe cannot be solved through the private m…

Destroying the Environment: Government Mismanagement of our Natural Resources

The United States is generally thought of as a country devoted to the principle of private property. Yet about 42 percent of the U.S. land is owned by government--33 percent by the federal government…

Privatizing the Welfare State

New evidence shows that there are remarkable differences among the people we label as "poor".

Paying People to be Poor

Since 1972, there has been a strong, positive relationship between the amount of welfare spending and the amount of poverty, after adjusting for other important factors, including the unemployment rat…

Privatization Around the Globe: Lessons for the Reagan Administration

Following the lead of Britain, countries around the world are applying the techniques of the Thatcher government and are joining the privatization revolution.

Pension Plans at Risk: A Potential Hazard of Deficit Reduction and Tax Reform

As the Administration and Congress persue deficit reduction and tax reform, America's private pension system finds itself in great jeopardy.

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