Policy Reports

NCPA studies generally break new ground on policy issues. A study seeks to cast new light on an issue and to stimulate policy-makers and others to think of new, innovative solutions to the problems associated with the issue. Studies may combine several elements of analysis, including original research, reviews of academic literature, creative approaches for solving public policy problems, and economic modeling.

Medicaid Empire: Why New York Spends so much on Health Care for the Poor and Near Poor and How the System Can Be Reformed

Medicaid, the joint federal-state health care program for the poor and near poor, is the largest single expenditure by state governments today. At the rate the program is growing, it is on a course to…

Protecting the Environment Through the Ownership Society — Part I

President George W. Bush has promoted the 'Ownership Society' as a solution to a variety of public policy issues including health care, housing and retirement.  This concept can be extended to environ…

Social Security Reform: Responding to the Critics

Critics of President Bush’s Social Security reform proposal have used findings by Robert Shiller, professor of economics at Yale University, to suggest that many workers will lose money if they open p…

Will the President’s Proposal Solve Social Security’s Crisis?

The Bush Administration has proposed a two-part Social Security reform plan that would reduce the growth in initial benefit payments awarded to higher earners and allow all younger workers to invest p…

The Physical Evidence of Earth's Unstoppable 1,500-Year Climate Cycle

The Earth currently is experiencing a warming trend, but there is scientific evidence that human activities have little to do with it.

Tax and Social Security Reform: Thinking Outside the Box

This study examines the effects of fundamental tax reform as well as combining tax reform with fundamental Social Security reform.

Living with Global Warming

Should we try to prevent global warming? Or should we use our resources to adapt to the consequences of warming?  This paper analyzes costs and benefits of two different approaches.

Reforming Social Security: Lessons from Thirty Countries

Social Security reform in the United States has become a nationally debated topic, but privately managed, funded plans are already a component of the social security systems of more than 30 nations ar…